If the visitor is being seconded from another organisation a secondment arrangement may be more appropriate. 

All visitors must have a valid right to work in the UK - see the Staff Immigration Team website. 

Academic visitors 

Information for and about academic visitors can be found in a number of places including: 

An academic visitor normally; 

  • does not have a contract of employment with the University, and 

  •  will be at Oxford for a limited (and defined) period of time (normally up to 1 year, although certain defined fellowships may require a visitor to be at Oxford for up to 3 years), and 

  • is associated with another institution (usually this means as an employee), and 

  • will be returning to their own institution upon completion of their visit to Oxford, and 

  • receives only expenses, honoraria, stipends or fees NOT salary, and 

  • is NOT carrying out a University job. 

Visiting researchers 

Visiting Researchers are required to sign an agreement as a condition of working on University premises, in which they agree to abide by University/departmental regulations and to adhere to relevant University policies. 

Visiting Researchers may be classed as either short term (< 3 months) or long term (> 3 months) visitors. 

For short-term visitors (who do not fall into categories a or b listed below), the departments/faculties are responsible for putting in place the short-term visitor form which covers the above undertakings and arranging for its signature and filing: 

This form is not appropriate for visiting researchers who are long term or who fall into the following categories: 

a) visiting researchers from industry who remain company employees for the duration of their visit 

b) those who are contributing background intellectual property to a University-led research project 

In these instances, departments/faculties should contact their departmental HR Officer/HR Business Partners/Legal Services. Legal Services have produced a long form visitor agreement. 

Departments/faculties are responsible for putting in place the long form visitor agreement and arranging for its signature and filing. 

Research Services can provide advice and input on intellectual property, confidentiality and publication, and check there is no conflict with funders’ terms or contracts.