Continuous service

Continuous Service is calculated based on an individual’s period of continuous employment with the University of Oxford. Continuous employment is defined as the period from the beginning of employment with the University of Oxford on a Chancellors, Masters and Scholars (CMS) contract, to the effective date on which that employment will terminate, provided that there has been no break in that employment of one complete week (ending on a Saturday) or longer. If any such break did occur, continuous employment will normally date from the day after the last such break. Where there is any dispute, decisions on the calculation of continuous employment will be made by the department’s HR Business Partner.

The following types of leave will not break continuity and will count in calculating overall years of service: sabbatical and any other paid leave; agreed unpaid leave; and family leave (maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental or statutory unpaid parental leave).

Please note that the following does not count towards Continuous Service at the University: employment with an Oxford college[1]; engagement at the University through the Temporary Staffing Service; employment with a subsidiary company of the University; or engagement at the University as a casual worker, a consultant/contractor, or volunteer.

For staff who have transferred to the University through a TUPE arrangement, separate arrangements apply. Departments should contact their HR Business Partner.


Page last reviewed February 2023

[1]Please note that St Cross, Kellogg and Reuben colleges are departments of the University.