Speak to an expert at the W+FS

How to speak to an expert about family issues

The Speak to an Expert Service and the other resources in the Knowledge Centre on the Work+Family Space are free to all University of Oxford employees. To access them simply register at www.myfamilycare.co.uk/oxford  and click Join Today.

It will only take a few minutes. You will need to provide your SSO number (eg dept1234) and employee number in order to be verified as an employee of the University. You can find your employee number through employee self-service, or on your payslip, or by asking your local HR team. Please note though, it’s not the number on your University card.

Once you have completed the short registration form and you can access all the Family Friendly resources on the Work+Family Space.

In order that The Work+Family Space can find you an expert on child or adultcare you will need to complete a short form, so that someone with the right expertise and in the right area of the country can be identified.  They will then arrange to make contact with you at a mutually convenient time.  Your expert will, if appropriate, keep in touch though up to three calls on any one topic, to make sure that you are supported with whatever issue you are facing.

The Work+Family Space’s Speak to an Expert service is UK wide, so whether your family live locally or elsewhere in the UK there’s no problem.  If your family are overseas, the service will not be able to provide you with country-specific advice about issues like care arrangements or negotiating the social care system in other countries, but they can still help with other family-related questions you might have. For example:

  • Making childcare choices
  • Help with eldercare challenges
  • Challenges of combining work with Family
  • Parenting and child development issues

If you have any questions, the The Work+Family Space customer service team is available on: