Discussion between the University and Trades Unions during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Director of HR and regular representatives from University HR Policy, Health and Safety, Occupational Health, People and Organisational Development have been meeting with the unions on a fortnightly basis since the beginning of the pandemic to discuss a wide range of issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions, and the range of initiatives which have arisen as a result of the pandemic. The meeting includes representatives from the three recognised trades unions, Unite, Unison and UCU.


A summary of the notes of the meetings since the 30 September are published here fortnightly. No summaries are available for earlier meetings:

Date   Document
4 August 2022   Meeting summary
14 July 2022   Meeting summary
1 June 2022   Meeting summary
11 May 2022   Meeting summary
13 April 2022   Meeting summary
24 March 2022   Meeting summary
3 March 2022   Meeting summary
3 February 2022   Meeting summary
13 January 2022   Meeting summary
9 December 2021   Meeting summary
24 November 2021   Meeting summary
11 November 2021   Meeting summary
28 October 2021   Meeting summary

14 October 2021


Meeting summary   

30 September 2021   Meeting summary